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Hello and welcome to my little corner! You'll find a decent variety of odds and ends available for a fair fee or for trade. Yes, Trade. I will do art for art if you've not the coin to spare. Before I get further into explanations, allow me to formally introduce myself.

I am Kit, an illustrator and tinkerer of sorts. I've an odd sense of style in terms of art. From surrealistic, to anime, to chibi, and something akin to fursonas. I'm sure you'll find something to your fancy! Do take note that I'm fairly new to making these sorts of storefronts. My pricing is based loosely on what I've seen from other sellers here. Don't be afraid to say 'I can't afford that'.

Prices & Trades

Fullbody - $20, 2500au, fullbody art in return
Halfbody - $10, 1000au, halfbody art in return
Headshot - $5, 500au, headshot art in return
(All art will be fully colored by me)

Will Do & Will Nots

I will do:
Some animals
pokemon/digimon concepted characters
Furries (not very experienced with it, fyi)
Fan art

Will Not Do:
Some Animals
Anything nsfw
Hate Art

Character's I'd Like Done:

BTW: Feel free to change their outfits. I don't mind different clothing!

Hazzle Woods


Rigor Faust (He's the snake dude on the right.)



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