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A man as old as time stood in a butler old fashioned suit. Neatly done but not nearly new as the newest of fashion these days would say. Lanky, tall, and really thin. His grey eyes are droopy as if no care left to give. He had looked up from sweeping the front path as he noticed newcomers appeared. So he looks to them and wonders for a moment out loud.

Butler: Can I help you younglings out? Do you need refuge for the storm about to rise?

Just then lightning flashed across the skies making his thin grey hair show a bit more as it was slicked back. Instead of standing hunched over as he was, he stood as proper as possibly could. He stood almost seven feet tall and just as that. Thunder roared throughout the wind as the wind itself picked up its pace.

Butler:A storm rises, we should seek shelter inside. I dare you do not seek shelter elsewhere until it passes. Venture within if you wish, follow if you care to dare.

With that the butler, no name to be said walks up the path with ease and into the house. The door is left open to see if they followed, for now, the fun would begin, and who would be the survivor?

O.P.E.N.I.N.G. P.O.S.T.
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