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Rules for you:
Do not beg for certain surprises.
Do not harass other players.
It is not against the rules to kill another player or attempt to. Just remember Karma is a b- well you know what I mean. And I do love it when people tempt chance.

I am going to make a newly added change to this charity game.
You may win up to once a week or a couple of days if I decide to change it.
AND there will be new surprises along the way. Ex: You could find a new item or treasure that will tell a story but if you die you lose it just like you do in the games.

This is almost like an escape room but you're trying to escape the house but in order to do that you must explore the house to leave. Find the clues, The treasures, and the stories that lie beneath the centuries of dust.

Number of Guests:2-5 limited (however if you want to go alone and no one else comes along for the ride, I do not mind. If you arrive after a game has started I will see fit to throw you into a random room or at the front door. Your choice. Maybe you're one of the few still trapped about?

1) Open
2) Open
3) Open
4) Open
5) Open

I will show updates if the thread is slow or if I get off for the night. I will update the next day when I get back online.


TREASURY UPDATED, LOADS OF ITEMS. i will not list or show the items because it takes more work on typing it up or marking them out >...> I'm lazy so sue me. The treasures you get vary from common, rares, specials, whatever I have that I currently am not using.

Prizes will either be given out daily or weekly depending on how quick of a reaction I get and how often.
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