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The original title is: Survive For The Prize

As I grow more and more as well as hoarding items. I will be doing this on every site I get on. You will have a mystery prize you could win, either donation stones or currency or just items themselves. Maybe something you want or something you already have. However, it will be noted that you will not win every time or all the time.

So let's get this started, shall we?

Welcome my dear friends and foes. Alive or dead. You're all welcome here. Ever play a game of any kind just to get a prize? Well, this time you'll have to survive for your prize - that's a better title than the Haunted House Game XD I'm going to update that. *updates* So there used to be these so-called OLD FASHIONED Books where you made a choice and it lead you to another one. I forgot what they are called, as always.


Every choice will lead you throughout the ancient mansion that could fall apart at any moment. You have to choose your options carefully. My only rule for myself is I have no favorites, it's not fair. So no trying to bribe me :) I know my introduction thread will need a lot of work. However, I'm just setting up the basics.

Come inside my haunted house you see, step forward ring the bell, knock the door, or scream if you please. You may come in alone but I advise you to bring a friend, so that a pair of you will venture in - Never to return again. Can you beat me? Can you get out of the maze? It changes, turn, twists, and shakes. Thunder roars, lightning strikes, and fire blazes about at night. Can you survive the night? Come inside, but watch out I have guests of all kinds. Just like Rose Red you never know how many rooms there are, there could be more or less. Who knows? Only the dead does.

The next couple of threads will be of interest to you. Keep an eye out for my opening thread.
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