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Theme voting is live! The first two rounds are up right now, and the third round will be going up tomorrow.

Round 1:
  • Space exploration
  • Everything has a price
  • No upgrades, only downgrades
  • Color changes everything
  • Four elements
  • Mutation
  • Floating worlds
  • Limited memory
  • Your life is currency
  • Symbiotic relationship
  • Control the environment, not the player
  • Old technology
  • You have 30 seconds
  • Unusual magic system
  • You can't kill the enemies
  • Parallel worlds

Round 2:
  • Cards are your weapons
  • The butterfly effect
  • Only one enemy
  • Light as a weapon
  • One room
  • Regular jobs, but in Space
  • The environment is a weapon
  • Change the genre of a classic video game
  • Decay
  • Stay in the dark
  • Side effects
  • Two-button game
  • Time is the currency
  • Risky powerups
  • Permanent damage
  • Don't let it escape
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