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Okay! Now that I've had some time to recover, I can post about my game! :D

Ludum Dare page:
Play the game:

Lily vs. the Swarm
It’s spring, and that means new life! But not all of that life is friendly. Keep your friend, the butterfly, safe from the bad bugs!

Join this fairy and her friend in a child’s imaginary adventure.

Move: Arrow keys, WASD, or touchscreen D-pad
Fire: Space bar or touchscreen button
Bomb: Shift or touchscreen button
Defeated bugs drop energy. When your energy bar is full, a bomb becomes available. Bombs deal damage and heal you or the butterfly. You can carry up to 5 bombs at once.

The game is over if either you or the butterfly take too much damage. Watch out for the bosses!

Too hard?
This is a shoot-‘em-up game, not quite a bullet hell or danmaku but still relatively challenging. If it’s too difficult for you, the first time you get a game over you’ll unlock an Easy Mode. In Easy Mode, you start with more bombs, you can survive more hits, and the butterfly is immune to damage so you only need to worry about protecting yourself.
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