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[top]Writing Positions

Writers for Trisphee are responsible for chronicling the overall plot of the site as well as the plot of site events and individual stories. Writers will be involved in brainstorming, planning, and drafting, and editing the content that defines Trisphee and makes it an active and interactive universe.

In addition to the general staff requirements outlined in the first post, writers must have good American English spelling and grammar, and must be able to adapt their writing style to fit in with the established Trisphee style. Members of the writing staff must be able to accept criticism and correction, and are encouraged to use the feedback to grow as a writer. Writers must follow instructions and complete their assignments in a timely manner, by any set deadlines.

How to Apply
If you are a writer wishing to apply to Trisphee, send an application to Gallagher or Suzerain of Sheol via Trisphee private message. This application must include your real name, Trisphee username, age, writing samples (prose only, please), and any other qualifications you feel are relevant. The application will be reviewed by the Trisphee writing staff. You will be notified promptly if your application is accepted.

Payment Agreement
Due to the variable nature of Trisphee's writing needs, payment is subject to negotiation. Assignments will be handed out on an as-needed basis and payment will be given after publication. All writing contributions become property of Trisphee, and by submitting written work to Trisphee you grant it the right to use it in any manner, at Trisphee's sole discretion.
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