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[top]Programming Positions

Programmers for Trisphee are responsible for fixing technical issues and creating new features for the website.

In addition to the general staff requirements outlined in the first post, developers must be proficient in at least one major object-oriented programming language and common software engineering paradigms. C++, PHP, Python, and/or advanced Javascript are strongly recommended, but on-the-job training is available for the languages and tools used by Trisphee if you already have proficiency in general programming and engineering techniques. HTML, CSS, and SQL experience are strongly recommended.

Note that Trisphee will never use Flash, Java, or similar technologies for anything but standalone games, and these types of applications are not on the short-term development schedule. Also note that due to the nature of software development, applicants will be held to a very high standard of excellence and responsibility.

How to Apply
If you are a developer wishing to apply to Trisphee, send a proper resume to Coda via Trisphee private message or via e-mail to Please include relevant skills, educational history, work experience, and relevant certifications. Your resume will be reviewed by the Trisphee development staff. If your application is accepted, you will be contacted for an interview, which will include a set of coding tests that must be completed quickly. If you pass the test and the interview goes well, you will be given an unpaid internship to evaluate your engineering habits and your ability to learn the required tools. Once your mastery of the requirements has been established you may begin receiving paid tasks.

Payment Agreement
Due to the variable nature of Trisphee's development needs, payment is subject to negotiation. No fixed schedule for coding payments will be set. All software contributions become property of Trisphee, and by submitting code to Trisphee you grant it the right to use it in any manner, at Trisphee's sole discretion.
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