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[top]Visual Developer Positions

A Visual Developer position on Trisphee requires general knowledge of forum design and the ability to create visually appealing forum templates. They must work well within a team and be able to take orders and change jobs according to need within the position.

How to Apply
If you are wishing to apply for this position, send an application to Tohopekaliga via Trisphee private message or via e-mail at This application must include your Trisphee username, real name, and age, as well as few examples of prior visual or graphic art experience, general knowledge of forum-based design, and any other qualifications you feel are relevant. The application will be reviewed and you will be notified promptly if your application is accepted.

Payment Agreement
Due to the variable nature of Trisphee's developing needs, payment is subject to negotiation. Assignments will be handed out on an as-needed basis and payment will be given when work goes live. All contributions become property of Trisphee, and by submitting work to Trisphee you grant it the right to use it in any manner, at Trisphee's sole discretion.
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