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[top]Pixelist and Artist Positions

As an avatar site, Trisphee's most frequent need is for skilled artists. We are primarily looking for applications from pixel artists, but we are also accepting character and comic artists. In addition to the general requirements listed in the first post, applicants for art positions must be able to devote at least ten hours per week to creating artwork for Trisphee. Artists must be able to meet specified deadlines and follow specific written and/or drawn designs.

Pixel artists must be skilled in soft-shaded/tool-shaded style that matches existing Trisphee items.

Comic and character artists must be able to create and edit large, high-quality (300+ DPI) images with many details. Experience with illustrating anime art, fantasy art, or backgrounds is required. A knowledge of artistic anatomy is required.

How to Apply
If you are an artist wishing to apply to Trisphee, send an application to Gallagher via Trisphee private message. This application must include your real name, Trisphee username, age, and a link to a portfolio demonstrating your relevant skills and abilities, as well as any other qualifications you feel are relevant. The application will be reviewed by the Trisphee art staff. If your application is accepted, you will receive a test image or item to illustrate. The test must be completed in a timely manner and satisfy the theme or design given to you. If all of the requirements are met, and there is an open position, you will be hired. If no positions are available you will be informed of this and given the option to be put on a waiting list for future openings.

Commission Agreement
Artists who are accepted on staff must agree to a pay-by-commission contract. This contract is negotiated between the Trisphee administration and the artist, and all points must be agreed upon as a condition of hiring. The artist retains full rights over submitted artwork, including the right to retract the submission, until the time of publication. Artwork of any type that has been published by Trisphee becomes the property of Trisphee, and by having your artwork published by Trisphee you grant it the right to use the artwork in any manner, at Trisphee's sole discretion. Payment for artwork is only given to the artist when the artwork has been published to the site. Publication will occur either on a specified date (such as for event artwork) or as needed (such as for common items). It is important for artists to understand that this means Trisphee will not reimburse artists for artwork that will not be used. For this reason, artists are strongly urged to seek approval for art/items before finishing it.
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