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Leagues Under the Sea

Avatar Contest Winners:

1st Place will receive 1 rare item and 1 common item.
2nd Place will receive 1 rare item.
3rd Place will receive 1 common item.
Honorable Mentions will receive up to 5k in aurum.
Everyone will receive 500 au for each entry.
Also for every person that is referred to this contest the referrer will receive 250 au per person referred.

Kei, full set of items from the Nox Nocturalis 2011, Puppet Master, Full October DI set, Looming Nightmare
"Foolish" Token Set, Choice of 1 October DI, Nocturnalis Harvest


1st Place:
Pink Pantzer for the Candy Corn Entry!

2nd Place:
Kali_Namir for Dying Witch Queen!

3rd Pace:
Foxotanashi for Halloween Party Entry!

Honorable Mention:

Thank you all for putting in your entries! It was a very tough decision for me to make because I loved all of the avis! I will be pming the winners in order of their standings to pick their prizes starting tomorrow night. If you did win first and just want to claim your prize now you may just pm me! I hope that you all enjoyed this and I hope you look forward to doing this again!

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