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[top]Miscellaneous Info

There are some questions that don't really fit under any other category. These are what we call miscellaneous information.

Does Trisphee have a Facebook/Twitter/Etc.?
Trisphee can be found on Facebook and Twitter
What are the people of Trisphee called?
We are officially known as Trisphites. Some people, however, refer to us as Trispheans.
What kind of events does Trisphee have?
Trisphee will have unique holidays and events based on it's own calendar, not events based on real world holidays like Halloween, Christmas, etc. Some of the events we've experienced so far include the Nox Nocturnalis, the Taskal War, the Fight for Freedom, and the Transition Event (to tie everything together). If you would like to check out past events, they're located in our Past Celebrations forum
Does Trisphee have any mascots?
Trisphee has three mascots: Anka the Phoenix, who resides on the Kalin, An unnamed dragon who lives on Quesaria, and one other one that has not yet been introduced. Anka, however, would be considered the main mascot of Trisphee.
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