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Are there any limits I should know about when posting?
Triple Posting is not allowed here on Trisphee. For example, if you post two times in a row, you must wait for another user to post before you are allowed to post again. You are also not allowed to use a mule account to circumvent this rule. The only exception to this is when a user is setting up a thread that requires multiple posts, such as shops and hangouts.

Quote Towers are also not allowed. When quoting others, please have no more than five quotes per post.
Can I post a link to another site here or is that considered advertising?
Advertising commercial products, other websites, or services is prohibited in posts and signatures. As an exception, you may advertise your own site or service in your signature or in a thread in a forum section designated for such business.
• How do I edit the title of my thread?
There are two ways to edit the title of your thread:
You can edit the first post of your thread and click the 'Go Advanced' button. Once you've changed the title there, then save the post and it should reflect the changed title.

You can also double click to the right of the thread name in the forum listing. The title will pop up in a textbox. You can then edit it from there.
What are the limits for signatures here on Trisphee?
Content: Signatures must obey all content rules and the Trisphee terms of service. Signatures in violation of any rule may be edited or removed.

Maximum Size: Signatures may not exceed the width of the post area and may not exceed 400 pixels in height. Signatures exceeding this limit may be automatically cropped.

Image Size: Images in signatures may not exceed 300 pixels by 300 pixels. Images exceeding this limit may be automatically cropped or resized.

"Clickables": Clickable pets and similar games are only permitted in signatures and/or in forums or threads specifically designated for them. Posting them in any other places is considered off-topic and may be treated as spam. Clickables count towards the four image limit in signatures.
How many Mules can I have?
There is a limit of two mules on Trisphee. You may have your main account as well as two mules. Multiple people in the same household with the same IP address may have their own accounts and their two mules as well. Pretending to have family members on Trisphee just to gain more mule accounts is not allowed.
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