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[top]Getting Started

You may be brand new to Trisphee or find you need a refresher course after taking a break. Either way, this section of the FAQ will answer some general questions you may have about Trisphee.

I lost my activation e-mail and cannot activate my account!
Click here and follow the link to resend it. You will have to provide the email address you registered the account with and be able to access it to complete this process.

If clicking the automatic link to activate your account doesn't work, the email should also contain a string of letters/numbers that can be used to manually activate your account. To use them, you would use this page.

If neither step works, please contact an admin and provide the email address that the account is registered with.
What are these random words under my username?
The titles that are located under your username when you post are based on your total post count. To request a custom title, you should request one in the Official Title/Name Change thread or just post around and you may be given one based on your personality.

You can also change your username in that thread. Keep in mind that users are limited to three username and title changes.
What's the most Aurum we can get per post?
There is no actual limit. It depends on how many characters you post. The longer the post is, the more AU it's worth, but the less each character is worth individually. This has the effect of making the difference between a 100-word post and a 200-word post bigger than the difference between a 200-word post and a 300-word post.

However, it is important to note that the Forum Games section has less of an Aurum payout due to the relaxed rules on posting there. For more information on this, check out the Forum Games Rules and Guidelines.
What does the + sign at the end of someone's user name mean?
The + sign appears when you request friendship. It means that they are on your contact list and will appear regardless of their acceptance.
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