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Inquiry: Trade Error

Details: I tried sending a trade to him but when I did it shows the error on picture 2... But as you can see this person is a really a member as shown in picture 3 and I didn't mistyped his username... And I did type the name without the "/" (Picture 1) but it shows the same problem and it even adds the "/" in the name I typed (Picture 2)...

I think it has something to do with the symbols in his username... My cousin, Dylan, also had the same problem before when he tried to send items to his mule, Prizes & Pressies... He didn't report it though (He's really lazy, I know... Kidding...)... He just asked for a name change for his mule just to avoid the error, now it is Prizes N Pressies... Then, he tried sending the items again and it worked... I think there is a problem with the trading system when it comes to usernames with symbols on them... Thought I'd report it...

Answer: "The trade button skips right past the username, by the way, so you can use that too." (Post #77)---Coda

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