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Jurinjo 05-19-2011 06:57 AM

Dreamer's Lament [A Journal]
I will be recording my dreams here. I don't mind talking in here, or even talking about your own dreams! By the way I'm not that great of a writer. Hope my writing and the many mistakes I'll make as I try to write down these dreams do not annoy you, should someone choose to read them.

On that note feel free to chat with me here or anywhere you feel like. I do enjoy listening to the dreams of other people.

UPDATE: My dreams have changed enough since creating this thread that I've moved everything into the next post. I also don't have as much time right now to wake up, remember dream, then write it down in detail. So the writing won't be so good for reading. I apologize and will hopefully work harder to provide it in a more story content with details and stuff like I originally planned. But reality has a way of overruling dreams xP

Jurinjo 05-19-2011 07:19 AM

Note: I'll refer to waking up in different ways based on the sensations.

Signs of Danger

The Conditions
It used to be that I was always a victim in my dreams. Every time I remembered a "dream" it was a nightmare where I was hunted, killed, and tortured...I always lost the fight for survival. My first means of fighting back I can't even remember. But now in any dream I always have some abilities at my disposal. However first I will list limitations that this power operates on.

My Rare Abilities
Actually these were cool but they are not regularly occuring...

Attempting to break abilities up into categories. Also note the "how" of an ability can be different. For example my ability to manipulate what people see could be magic (wizard) or psychic (mutant).

Lucid Abilities
Things I can do because I know it's a dream. Most lucid dreamers probably do these things too.

Morphing Abilities

Elemental Abilities
This one will have separate spells/techniques I have done with earth, air, fire, water, and electricity.

Misc. Abilities

Jurinjo 05-24-2011 09:35 AM

A Place to put various OLD dream of mine so they are all in one place. Please excuse any mess. I may not editing them to be understandable since they will take quite a bit of hunting down across the net.

Neo wannabe

Heroes and Pink Guns

Rotisserie Chicken Attempts Murder of Family

No More Cheesecake

Zombie Auntie

Lisa Simpson Tries to Murder Me

Guilty Gear! Or...inspired anyway

Lantien Leviathan Attack

Jurinjo 08-11-2011 11:22 AM

Morning of... May 19th 2011

We live in a house with a flat rectangular roof and simple design...all involving rectangles. What was interesting was the fact grass grew on the room and the building itself was incorporated into a grassy hillside. The grass itself had a blue tint to, the soil very loose and moist. The front door was a glass sliding door that opened to a dirty algae infested pond in our yard. Passing that the ground sloped downward til you got to a small wooden bridge leading to a rowboat and a river. It wasn't that wide, maybe 5 cars across (by their width). The steps leading down to the bridge was also between two...ledges(?) overlooking the river. The one on the right was more narrow and hung kind of directly over the water with a miniature lighthouse on it. The one on the left was empty.

Everything at first felt like an early, misty morning. My family was running ahead to the boat, joyously as we were all out to have fun that day. I was a bit behind, coming down the steps the dream setting progressed to a more oppressive cold night. The only thing that kept me warm was the fires burning all around us. Some kind of war broke out and the forces were staging their assult on the hills as we sat helplessly in the rowboat in the very center.

Soldiers from the light house came and got us, much to our relief. Time jump somewhere to a train station full of immigrants I am trying to get someone I owe a favor away from where this place was. I can barely remember why though I remember there were two other people who, by chance, were there and tried to stop him. The man managed to get away however I needed to find a way to assure he was safe once he reached the station at the other side.

Time flies back to the setting of the beginning of the dream. I'm not sure how much time passed since that night but it spanned enough time for both me and my parents to feel older and familial ties strained. Our house has been converted to a home for select immigrants with skills as we help some government power. It had been expanded into a well fortified base in its own right by this time.

I walk into the back room that sort of sinks right into the ground level with the wide swam area that is the "backyard". The room is styled like traditional Japanese homes. The window looking out is almost as tall as a door, it looks kind of beautiful outside. Early morning like the beginning of the dream. My parents are both sitting down looking out. We talk civily, never really raising our voices as I try to get their help. However they refuse and I their unease due to something that had happened yet I don't remember (cause I'm only a viewer of m own life in a way, just skipping to parts of it).

The dream loses it's progression as the setting changes drastically into a motel (which we own) in a similar environment just less hilly and swamppy (though still kinda has those characteristics). A tornado hits the place we are running but i decide to run back to the shop to grab some magic book (tome). Things are slightly in slow motion as I am almost reaching it. Things are falling around me. Again I'm actually a viewer of something that happened, or is going to happen in my life and I dont' have any memory of the event. The entire time though I'm yelling at myself for being stupid. The "magic tome" is a neat looking antique book that's actually new and just made to look all cool. I was also yelling that if anything "grab a bible and pray!"

Jurinjo 08-19-2011 05:19 AM

Afternoon of... May 22, 2011

Last night is one of those times, like just about every single dream, where I wish I were an amazing enough artist to draw a spectacular picture of what I dreamt about. Be it majestic or gory like that dream I saw people get mutilated in many painful ways. Alas I am not that spectacular, and neither do I want to put much many ability points towards my writing power. Laziness ftw!

Key imagery:
Lindblum Outside
Lindblumb Inside
Regent Cid from Final Fantasy 9 (oopglop form)
Laughing Octopus from Metal Gear 4

Alright so the City of Lindblum (right out of FF9) is under attack. The enemy has managed to take most of the city except the last wall before the massive castle itself. They fighting for now is surprisingly light though I do dodge some bullets and pass by sword fights. Crossing a stone bridge I come to end of the "road" to where I am basically on the wall itself. Made of stone ,and some narrow oval arches with short diagonal parts protruding right before the apex, along the wall for nothing more than cosmetic purposes.

Along the end of the wall I find Regent Cid trapped on the wall with his people instead of in the castle. I'm apparently known, not super popular but known enough, as a seer. Me and Cid look eye to eye, apparently having anticipated thist moment. We both look to an arch where the head of Laughing Octopus (Metal Gear 4) somehow got stuck. Retrieving the head and placing it in my hands he tells me that though this is a grim task using her head as a focus for my second sight is the only possibility of glimpsing into the future for a possible way to save Lindblum.

Upon doing so I first fight, mentally, a remnant of Laughing Octopus who refuses to die. It is quick. My last attack is what beheaded her and why her head landed between the arches (so I guess I kinda time traveled). Physically feeling in the present I see on that very bridge a young man with a somewhat square jaw but a soft face summon a red keyblade. It appears in his hand in a graceful burst of flames. The design shares the colors of a phoenix but is based on a red rose. In fact the entire thing has layers of metal overlapping each other like petals, while mimicking the tendrils of a burning flame. What was really cool was that it grew about 4 inches in length (all proportionally) before breaking at the handle. The lower part became a very long chain. It was all of course in very dramatic angles with him stylistically swinging them about.

Jurinjo 08-26-2011 12:24 PM

Afternoon of... August 10, 2011

I haven't been recording my dreams, though I have mentioned them in some random threads. ;v.v

1st Dream: I was playing a Metroid game on the Xbox apparently cause it was a kinect I'm sure...either that or another console has adopted the technology. It was really awesome! I was Samus, of course, the location was a lot like the surface of the Talon Overworld in Prime. It was wet, rocky, and had lots of moss. I was fighting some pig like creature that was highly swollen with a face like a zoomer. I shot by holding my hand in a gun shape and pulling my arm back like there was recoil. Charge beam was putting my hand to my arm then recoiling it once I wanted to shoot. Missles were fired by recoiling with a closed fist. There was no grapple beam but I had the cool addition of a wristblade like the Space Pirates in Prime.

2nd Dream: The first part was like a government/civilian conspiracy where a top secret VR program I had been working on had been implanted with a virus. The system worked by interfacing with a special (slightly intrusive) device that had to be implanted at the base of the skull. The virus had infected the device and despite fail-safes against such a thing being possible they were remotely sending data through it to put me into their own VR setting while my mind was currently involved in the real world.

The dream flips through several different scenarios ranging from real to surreal tour of a virtual hangout. The tour guide then takes me and my three brothers to this snowy landscape via a random door in a wall of water. By the way our ages are regressed a couple years so that our ages are: 15, 13, and 7 with me being the oldest. Not far from where we emerge she leads us up a slightly curved slope to an old tree with a door. Entering we see it is a very homely place, though small it is surprisingly large for the fact it's in a hollow tree.

Wrapping around what is the core of the tree is a set of stairs spiraling up. Through the core though is a rotating clock that can either be facing what is the "living room and kitchen" if a stove and a rocking chair can count as that. The clock sits in an acorn and rotates if you push it to face the stairs which leads to, essentially, an attic with mats for beds.

There is a couple, and old woman with dark gray hair and a wonderfully kind smile. Standing beside her is a slightly younger looking man seeming very skittish. The tour guide of ours is also no longer to be seen. I forget what she said except she tells her husband to go get something upstairs then asks us to stay put while she goes outside for a minute. I sense something is up and decide, after she is out the door, to head up the stairs.

"Get back down stairs and follow my lead when she gets back." he orders me nervously then continues up the steps in a hurry. Once I get back not more than a second later she returns. Her smile more unsettling however. Next thing I know the home goes from warm and full of color to being cool and as if life was drained away. The old lady's clothes have changed a little bit, her face however was more drastically different. Some features remained the same but the main ones like her teeth became sharp and nose grew longer.

The man comes back downstairs, however freezes in his tracks upon seeing she got back sooner than he had. Her gaze darts to the steampunk styled viking horn with the hollowed middle filled with a lavender colored liquid. She does some kind of spell. All I notice is the horn dropping. I quickly catch it and make no hesitation to stab her in the side with it. She yells with pain at first; magic glows from her body as it fades. Though it seems she is dying or something her smile betrays that assumption. It seemed to say "you have not seen the last of me."

At this point I realize this is a dream and use my magic to try and seal her soul. A twister practically erupts in the house as I struggled to contain her soul. I hadn't thought ahead as to what to imprison it in but fortunately I see a crystal globe outside the window. Directing the spell towards it the winds break the wall but resist the direction I am trying to push it in as she fights back against me. I am not tired but be cause of the conditions of my powers I'm losing my "grip" on her and worry I may not force her in the globe in time. /end dream

Jurinjo 08-27-2011 02:25 PM

Morning of... August 19, 2011
(I'm feeling lazy so I'll just list off the dreams in short fashion. Also: some dreams are slightly sexually charged. Just a warning if the kiddie mentions are awkward or offensive.))

1) I'm in my bed when a small fungus I notice is in the corner of it. I move off to the side and realize it's about to have a major growth spurt. I try to get out and away but it makes a grab for me. Not a strong grip so I get away but blue sparkly dust shoots out from it and covers me. Suddently I'm nude and seeing my body from a 3rd person perspective. I think it enhanced my good looks, or just my libido. I also twined then engaged in flirting with both male and female in a bathroom. Some time during that both of me turned into women.

2) I go to the bathroom to pee. The red-head dork from megamind shows up dressed in his superhero costume. He's mad at me about something and wants to fight. I zip up my pants quickly as he doesn't hesitate to fly at me with his fist. Easily I slide towards the door and open it. While I"m making a run to get outside the museum building he just busts through walls instead. It's nighttime in the very clean city. the museum is located in the middle of a park-like area so it's all clear. The sky looks beautiful but that's unimportant at the moment. My pursuer is still attacking with his fists. I redirect each of his moves then fly up into the air. All the while he's trying to taunt me into fighting. Some point a bright blue meteor that granted me and him powers before flew over head. It was only there for a couple seconds before arcing off. I heard a voice in my head telling us to wait and be ready for a danger coming in a number of days. The other guy though probably didn't see that as a reason to cooperate with me. Anyways we were both transformed. He just turned into a giant version of himself. I, while equal to his size, no longer looked human. Somewhat like misterio from Spiderman, but with a gothic flavor to it and a style that reminds me of some Square Enix games. Later in this dream I return to a human form. The orb that served as my head was instead a very large necklace on a chain. Still in a very gothic lolito style.

3) I'm in a parking lot either in the early morning or late afternoon. I don't know why but instead of driving off I walk away from my car. Doing so I see someone from my middle school days. "Hey Angel! I haven't seen you for awhile man. How you been?" I run up to catch to him. He looks perplexed and I guess remembers me a little bit. Between the seconds he morphed from Angel to someone much more handsome and in a fitting business suit. I can't remember our conversation but I join him in his prison-esque limo. I asked him about it and he says he's very much wanted dead by people. Not too long either some people manage to easily tear open the doors and start to attack. Because of the cell-like design of the seating I can't get out to help Angel. Apparently in paranoia he locked my seat. I fire shots from my gun, injuring all 4 of the individuals. And stop the one closest to me from throwing a knife at Angel. Instead of continuing to fight I mouth words to that guy who stabs my forearm making me let go. I guess because I didn't know for sure that Angel was worth protecting. The pain of the knife woke me up before I found out what happened.

Jurinjo 08-27-2011 02:26 PM

Afternoon of August, 25 2011...

((Again I'm a bit lazy. My dreams were amazing so I want to remember them for later. Yet I hardly feel motivated to write them down anymore. I find it very sad.))

1) Me and my family had booked a passage on a "flight" for a vacation. We were waiting at what resembled an airport but the giant room (if you can call them that) opened up to a sky and beach. Because our vacation was going to be taken via a cruise submarine. The sun shone cheerfully on the horizon bright and yellow. We took our luggage and boarded through the large rear doors that opened up. Once inside a woman was trying to pacify her daughter. Understandably the girl was nervous about diving deep underwater surrounded by metal. But I found it even more unnerving because I was trying to suppress the vision I had seen earlier about a torpedo. Grandma had boarded with us to say goodbye. Because of the steep incline I had to help her down and onto a bench. The incline shifted dramatically as we stepped off. But she got down fine. Relieved I turned just in time to hear screaming and the rocketing of the ship. Part of the hull ripped open then following the first torpedo was a second- it was orange. Several more hit the other subs nearby. Instead of jumping in panic to make an attempt to save my family me and grandma sat down numbly on a bench. The soft gust of wind blew and I felt tears go down my face feeling all the more cold. As torpedos continued to wreck havock at the port and I once again did nothing.

2) It starts in an gritty anime style art that is like an animated comic. It starts up with me entering through a door to a Rebel Investigation's complex. Immediately I notice a strange darkness about a young woman's eyes as she smiled at me. Standing directly behind her, at the foot of the steps is a man with short brown hair. He's clutching his chest where blood is seeping out. "You traitor! You can't do this!" Only he isn't talking to her. A detail I didn't process before was a sharp dark energy arcing up the the steps to a raised floor and struck the ground in front of an elevator door. He was a slightly older man with long blond hair and in an ornate blue military uniform, though not heavily decorated. "This is my investigation now detective. I suggest you bugger off." Next thing I know I'm standing near him. The woman and other man gone. I sense the past between the two- the jealousy he harbored against the detective is apparent. I turn to the intercom box on the wall. "You. Why do this?" Answering me was a digitized voice of a little girl. High pitched but malicious intent dripped from every word.

"You know you want that power." Somehow that jealous man grabs me single handedly by my chest. My feet are off the ground. As I struggle helplessly I can feel my will weakening. It was true that I wanted power like that. At the same though the madness in his eyes frightened me. The last thing I wanted from power anyway was to be a slave to another person, or a thing such was the case here. (It was an AI gone wrong) It took a lot of focus but I managed to sever his dark energy from me and come free of his grip. Right away I fled by kind of running from one comic panel or page into another one. But I wasn't quite free of the AI yet. I found myself in the back of a Sazuki SUV. She was in the speakers and threatening to harm my family who were driving to a compound where her agents weren't being trained. Upon arrival it was apparent the target group were the impressionable young. She made it clear there was more at stake now that I was there and had to cooperate with the program. The others there were already brainwashed, believing in their purpose set for them. Eventually my family fall to her tactics as well. During one training session I attempt to use the energies of everyone around me to send my mind to another place where she couldn't follow. It didn't quite work and I end up being made fun of by my "peers" as I couldn't control my motor coordination for awhile.

Jurinjo 08-31-2011 03:45 PM


1) Renovating Food Lion. HEY ZOMBIES YOU THERE?! -boss goes skipping into the darkness-

2) Barfing b/c I don't have a hat. Usual bathroom use.

3) Free samples not availible at Sam's. Talking with coworkers in a meat cooler...and with some toilet bowl cling thingies in one of them. =\

Jurinjo 09-03-2011 11:50 PM

Evening of September, 3 2011...

1) computer classes with coworker Alex

2) Organizing random small things with my son before getting frustrated and waking up hitting my bead when I meant to hit the table angrily in-dream.

3) "My son" is hiding fearfully behind a door when his mother and another woman come home. A man was killed on the floor. Noticing this she starts looking for her son. The other woman is elderly one and finds her son up the steps trying to contain his sobbing which breaks out once he sees her. Although he looks more to be her husband oddly- around the same age with balding white hair. He's wearing silver round glasses, a gray sweatshirt with a sports team name on it, and one of those silly pajamas that look like jeans. Somehow without any evidence I just KNOW he's the actual killer.

Anyways she leads him further up the steps he's standing on which takes him to his room- the bed is on the right and it's located in front of a window. I can't remember if she closed the door but the next part is disturbing. She's all "It's alright son. I'll take care of you. I'll take care of you." He's lying on the bed now nodding as she runs her hand down his face. The way he facial expression is makes me think he may be mentally retarded. What happens next though is she's on top of him in the bed. And thinks actually get too look sexually intimate. She brings her face into his neck, he does the same but then I hear a sickening crunch. As he moves his head her head moves as well. It falls off to the side and I see her back bone cleanly bitten off.

Or so it seemed. Her back and clothes opened up neatly, even though there was nasty flesly goo everywhere as well as a slimy sound effect coupled with metal grinding on metal accompanying the gruesome sight. I felt queasy. I'm not sure what he pulled out of her but he was definitely some deranged killer. The scene pans out through the window. The home is high up on a red brick apartments in a metropolitan city. It's currently night with a light drizzle. I hear my voice talking about a serial murder case I'm on with a black female coworker. I'm a rising star investigator in the city. While my head is down she is motioning to my friend, and old partner, Mario to say something that he knows. Later on in the streets of the city she berates him about what he's doing (illegal activities) then not telling me anything when he's supposed to be my friend. He counters back about my new high status with a hint of jealousy saying how i've been different.

My dream ends here. I wake up feeling uncomfortable (because of the woman's body thing) and the fact I heard a friend of mine saying that. It was almost like betrayal but sadder cause he thought I wasn't really he friend anymore.

Jurinjo 09-11-2011 09:05 PM

Afternoon of September, 11 2011...

1) The numbers 12 and 44 mark my "work" and "run" score for some test. The society has a low standard of living just below middle class today...or maybe just lower middle class. In any case a young girl only just starting to enter puberty is influenced by this world's "big brother" figure. She's of male skin with light blue eyes. Her face shape resembles Christina's from Phantom of the Opera. But her hair, while same color, is extremely straight.

Her brother hears her letter to commit suicide for some cause. I never hear the cause. He chases after her. Finding her on one of the most upper levels of a nearly destroyed building. It had to have been recent because the chrome metal "floors", I guess they were, were fairly clean and unworn. She decides to jump but is stopped by her brother. She smiles telling him she must do this. Because of his trying to pull her back her trajectory isn't as she planned and hits a couple more of these floors on the way down. Crashing down 3 levels before the crater area, in a puddle of her own blood. Though he knows such a fall would injure him he jumps to his little sister. Reaching her with some of his own blood leaking free, but still mobile while she is lying on her back. He picks her off the ground hugging her.

"Why? Don't do this. You can still live" which she responds. "Brother I must." Her eyes are full of love. At this point there is a lot of rain coming down, they are both soaked.

I'm inclined to think she was insane plus the propaganda by big brother did something to her head. There was also 14 levels to this building with 22 remaining slabs of the chrome floors. I didn't count but I kind of just "knew" I wonder what these numbers mean...

2) Trying to escape the building. Every staircase leads up 2 floors. My goal was the reach the 22nd. When I reach my goal however I'm trapped. I try rebooting the dream in the room. But it does nothing. So I try to make a run for it down the stairs. But every stairway becomes an elevaator.

Jurinjo 10-14-2011 02:28 PM

Evening of...October 8th, 2011 ~ Unwanted Touching & Video Games

I'm standing in a long narrow concrete hallway with doors along the walls. I'm not conscious of what's behind me but in front of me I see a single closed door. I know that's the way I want to go and I know there are undead behind it. Despite this I courageously swing it open. They were ready! The moment I open they were already there and coming at me. Hideous cadavers already WAY past the decaying stage. They were a dark brown, wrinkled, basically nothing but bone and skin. They ran at me with their jaws wide open in some kind of growling low shriek.

Immediately I attempt to shut the door but one already has his hand through the crack trying to claw at me- only succeeding in grabbing my shirt and pulling me forward. Meanwhile his buddy is trying to yank the door completely open. Obviously I'm losing the battle to shut this damn door on their ugly faces. I'm pulled just slightly past the door frames. In panic I start to form fire in my hands (because FLAMMING undead are so much less dangerous in this vicinity /sarcasm/). Anyways I can't focus the spell and fight them off physically at the same time. The undead on the right I punch his head off just by focusing my magic there. It was more effective than I thought as his jaw spectacularly when flying away first. It was satisfying to see him collapse on the ground. The other one though immediately grabbed both my arms. Now matter how I tried I couldn't break free from his grip. I don't know why I didn't think of kicking or something but at this point I was just too panicked to use magic correctly. It pulled me closer. and....stuck it's hand down my pants. WTF?! yes I was being groped by a corpse. Completely disturbing.

Before this point I never tried leaving the dream. I like to fight to my last breath. This though was just beyond horrifying. So obviously I woke up, the dark, wondering if it was somewhere in the shadows thinking about raping me.

Doesn't take me long to fall back to sleep. The dream starts off in the same hallway, facing the same door. Although a couple doors (not the one at the end of the hall) are opened. One of them even has a white blanket hanging out of the door. That's when I know this is where I live, along with family and others who are not. Turning around the hall ends kind of abruptly to a large room, also made of concrete. The furniture is cheap, and no one is wearing name brand clothes. So I guess we were a poor community. One that managed to afford a TV, PS3, and the new Xmen game! (not Xmen Destiny. This one is entirely fictional courtesy of my brain)

My younger brother Matthew (Age 11) is playing the game while Marcus (Age17) is there talking about something. But just as in real life I generally ignore him. On the screen I see a hallway looking freakishly similar to the one behind me- complete with items and bed sheets littering the hall. The camera does a 180. While turning I noticed the sound of rushing water a slight shift in gravity. It doesn't take long for me to register that his mutant is on a ship and it's sinking. He and the other passengers, for whatever reason, starting fleeing in terror TOWARDS the water. I don't know why but I can say the graphics were phenomenal. It perfectly stimulated water affecting the surfaces it managed to get on, and the people fighting against the current and the ripples around to them. Suddenly the ship jerks even further "down" (where Matthew is running). His character grabs onto the wall to maintain balance. The passengers promptly respond with realistic variety then screaming as suddenly a torrent of water comes rushing towards them. The "ground" levels out a little and everyone begins rushing as quick as they can to escape. The torrent brought the water waist high and it was quickly rising as water poured in from other directions. Somehow the ship itself turned over. I watched in awe (and horror for the characters) as everything came crashing towards the new center of gravity. Matthew somehow managed to get his character up the side of the hallway wall and peered around the corner. There was a fresh breeze of hair coming from a door. It seemed that he would make it afterall!

And this dream comes to a close. I had to use the bathroom. xD I wonder if that had anything to do with all the rushing water.

Jurinjo 10-14-2011 07:52 PM

Night of October 9th, 2011 ~ Embargo Kills a Planet

There is Vader and Lord Vader. Lord Vader is our enemy and leader of the empire. Vader is a clone of the enemy when he was young and good. The odds are stacked square against are little planet trying to beat the Empire alone. However with a little clever planning the battle turns to our advantage. Nearly all but their flagship is destroyed, which turns tail and runs to avoid destruction or being hi-jacked. There was a plan for this eventuality. Spirits were at a high on deck. Vader not only smiled but allowed a chuckle to pass through his lips. But the good feelings were short lived. As an explosion rocketed the decks below. While we didn't feel the explosion we felt the ship losing stability in its orbit around the planet's moon. Lord Vader comes over the comm gloating and dispatches a bunch of droid pilots to finish off our sabotaged ship. I remember reaching out with my hands and taking down two of them from the deck but I black out.

My next memory I am in a chair in what appears an ordinary living room. This is where we are having our peace talks with Lord Vader. He sits across from me, Vader to my right in a couch, and Queen Lunira in a chair made of wood woven together and a paleish green cushions. She is dressed in a fancy white dress attire that reminds me a lot of Queen Amidala (oddly though her face is that of my mother). The talk does not go well. Lord Vader to place an embargo on our planet and watch it die a slow death.

It's been only a few months. Maybe 3 at most. Already poor communities have formed and resources, such as food, reaches famine standards for feeding our population. I'm living with my partner in Crime, Nathan and me fought together in the short war, at this school. We are in the cafeteria eating what is presumably the last of the food supply. Things were surprisingly orderly despite this. But not for long as a rebellion stirs up. Some young'uns (funny considering I'm their age) come in guns hot and ransacking the poor people. To their surprise they receive quite a fight back from me and Nathan both wielding our personal handguns.

They run out the doors into the open areas where much of the building has collapsed and opened to water. It was used sort of as a fishing port. Anyway not long after running out I spot another companion from the war: Emanuel. He's a mercenary now, and accompanied by an attractive blonde woman with an attitude. Upon seeing me he offers his services for free without a word. I, though, offer to pay him anyway. Which gets his partner to agree to helping out...reluctantly.

This encounter is only seconds long as I kept running down the docks shooting every rebel with accuracy. The main group though had retreated to the high ground of the docks and surrounded themselves with various objects. I could not get a clear shot and the pathways to there lay nothing but floating debris. Emanuel heads around to smoke them out from the back. My irl friend Demetri shoes up though and runs straight to them! I don't know what he did but their ad hoc stronghold explodes. I take this opening to quickly hop along the floating chunks of wood. Emanuel already dispatched most of them from afar with his rifle but I do managed to snatch one from him.

The battle now over they begin to walk away. Quickly I catch up and offer what I have: $20. The bitch complains about how little for all that effort and not to mention ammo. I apologize only slightly due to her bad attitude.

As our people fall further into decline we manage to track the Queen down to one of her small unassuming hidden homes to speak of action. Even so far as to negotiate on the Empire's terms. She chuckles sadly with her hands folded in her laps. "I don't have that kind of power anymore." I begin to argue but the scene fades to black as we fast forward one more time.

Negotiations never happened. It must've been only 2-3 years since the war now. The majority of civilization destroyed itself in the fires of Anarchy. What survives of our knowledge doesn't extend very far into technology. Three young men feeling the years of men several times older ride a salvaged and upgraded floating platform into a jungle area that used to be a military base. It was a place for the three of us to start anew I guess. With our planet still cut off and no one hardly around we stuck together. We traveled the planet hoping to find a measure of peace.

By this time I am more muscular and darker-skinned from the surviving and burning so much more energy allowed me to burn the fat right off. My thick dark green clothing, a mesh between standard military armor and my own fashion sense, did nothing to leave me affected by the intense heat like my companions. I was actually comfortable. Added to all the bulk was my long hair. It had grown down to mid-thigh. I kept it back with a white band. It had gotten a tad unruly but in a more controlled away. Which I liked the look of.

My long-time companion Nathan is the most well groomed of us. He looks kind of like Jude Law's portrayal of Watson. Only with a groomed beared. His clothes are somewhat formal looking yet sturdy, not quite a suit. Emanuel had evolved the most out of us. His hair was grown some, it took on a natural curl-though it was still short. He styled it in a sort of suave yet natural look. I can't remember his clothing except he was wearing a half-unbuttoned white shirt. He was also speaking in a previously uncharacteristic Italian accent. His mercenary partner was no longer around. It was just us and we knew he was really Mexican. So what was up with the accent he could only guess why he had the Classic romantic image.

The wilds had claimed many bastions of civilizations but just how much of the once sprawling military complex was overwhelmed by its natural surroundings astonished us. Buildings had collapsed, there were very few roofs still standing and vegetation grew from nearly every surface. As we settle into the place it doesn't take long to start raining. Camp isn't set up and we go about exploring the area around our camp grounds for things. Particularly food as that is our first concern. My curiosities of course are to find out what happened hear. Often I was the archaeologist among my peers. Even more unexpected though we found dinosaurs! It was more unexpected than anything else. And dangerous as well. It is a large one about 3 feet taller than us. Our *brilliant* plan is for me to be bait. particularly cause of my long eye catching hair. It works...and it bites me by the hair. I don't remember what happened with the dinosaur but I next remember seeing people! They were however tribal now. We follow them, eventually coming upon a perfectly clean interior inhabited by the world of the past. Everywhere people are shopping in a mall as if the world outside hadn't gone to hell.

They don't actually notice us. I worry about our smell and appearance. But all of our clothing being military in nature, and the weapons we carried probably allowed them to ignore us. We continue going straight foward. I notice as we're walking some horrendously deformed newborns. It's as if somehow we couldn't give birth to a new, healthy, generation. The thought never occurred to me before and it was scary.

As we walk we stumble upon the Queen. In her signature chair. I don't remember what she was wearing but I remember her look of remorse as she looked at us. our presence brought back many memories she and others were trying to suppress with this facade of paradise down here. Again I try to convince her to take action. She gives me the same smile and chuckle as before. "Look around. The people do not want the truth. I don't have any power over them. Not for a long time."


Jurinjo 12-16-2011 12:21 PM

Night of December 15th 2011 ~ Aliens Win With Chaos

Short Version: I'm seeing hallucinations of people from the future talking about something that's gonna happen soon and trying to stop it. But they are barely understandable and I soon learn why because what happens next makes basically no sense whatsoever. Chaos in its essence. Random things happen. People grow, shrink, mutate, weapons get smart or devolve. People attack each other but as if they were attacking something else. I begin to wonder if any of it is actually happening or I am falling prey to some mind confusing device. Lenny grew but became violent we had to cage him. When making an escape I shot down some rockets before one took out the mobile platform and the next thing I knew I was kissing dirt.

Jurinjo 01-08-2012 01:55 PM

Night of January 7th 2012 ~ Illusive Mutant Caught in Conspiracy

I'm in a grassy field at dawn, the sun isn't up yet but there's enough light out to see the ground clearly. There's a young woman there in a white gothic styled dress with those extended elbow sleeve...things. I see and she sees me. Her eyes are full of fear then things happen quickly. A strong gust of wind, maybe snow or fog? Visibility is obscured by a white mist in all directions. 4 scorpion like creatures seemingly made of electricity and rock surround her in a half circle. To my left and right are two males on each side. I can only remember the feature of one them: he is short, middle aged, balding, and stocky.

I'm part of this circle surrounding her though I'm just an accidental bystander. I can't remember what happened to the woman next. In an instant of action she is gone and so are the scorpions. The setting is different as well. The four men and me find ourselves at the corner of some street. Fog still permeates the air around us. With the other element gone their attention is now on me. Their body language suggests talking is out of the question. Without really thinking the first thing I do is take the short man hostage. I ditch him as I hop into a yellow compact car.

The highway is about 6 lanes wide and it's just rained. I pass an accident just before a large stretch of highway that creates a bridge over where I'm driving. Not long after passing under a fallen electric pole leaves a thick wire stretched over the road. Somehow I shrink the car down enough to pass under the wire. The road shrinks down to 2 lanes and I'm at the outskirts of a city. To my left is a railway built from stone instead of a bunch of steel beams. On my right is a bus stop and several people on a bench.

My car has kept shrinking and somehow has become a yellow luggage case. I step out before it gets too small for me to stay in. But a friendly kid hops in and I'm walking around with him in it. It's a jovial moment as we laugh before the parents come along and take him home.

A time lapse and I find myself at "home". It's my aunt's home on Myrtle beach. The weather and time of day has remained constant although the sun is higher up the light is cold and dull. Family antics ensue as we try to get the tv working as none of us understand the remote. I end up leaving the house quickly. Another time lapse to a flying car with 3 others. Two female, one male. I know one of those females is (in real life) my manager. The conspiracy I accidentally got involved with (despite my knowing practically nothing) caught up with me and I knew my closest associates were also being targeted so I had picked them all up. Staci probably had it the hardest given the state of her clothes but she was alive. I tell her I'll use my illusion magic to make people think she's wearing a satin blue dress. Out of the 4 of us she has the best chance in hiding with her [rich] family. We set her down at the top floor of a building where there is a party. The car mysteriously stops functioning and we all end up jumping off. I tell her to hurry up and find her family. She only has a couple seconds because once I get far enough my illusion will disappear. She nods and shoos me off.

About a week later I am with a poor family traveling in a wagon pulled by a small white horse. We stop by a gas station for some food. I'm disguised as a child maybe 10 years old or so. I purchase a candy bar. On my way out my "sister" is attacked by some guy bigger than me. I fight him anyway. I knew he'd be stronger but his own skill caught me off guard. We wrestled to the ground and fought for about 10 seconds before it seemed I was finally going to win. About that moment I saw one of my pursuers approaching the station. I let go of the bully and ran behind the cashier counter. He started yelling because I wasn't supposed to be there so obviously this hastened the other man's approach. Despite my attempt to hide behind a shelf he spotted me and pulled out a gun.

I make for the door outside. It's one of those that lead into a small space before going to another door outside. I'm stopped at the second door but then a blast of ice hits the man. I look to see my "little brother" there. I'm surprised to find he's a mutant too. It's not quite enough to completely subdue the grown man though. I tell him to shoot me. There's a moment of doubt but he complies. During this moment my illusion goes down as I channel his ice towards the man then amplifying it. The man finds himself encased in ice but I know it'll probably only hold him for a minute at best. We run out, my illusion comes back up, and we ride off in a hurry to get away.

Jurinjo 01-15-2012 02:08 PM

Afternoon of January 12th 2012
((I'm late and don't feel like writing this. Hopefully I can remember enough details of the dream.))

Me, my brother Marcus, and one other guy are the youngest members of a government counsel regarding alien relations. Well...we're not really considered part of it but more like advisers there in the background (due to our age). This part of the dream is a flashback to our infection. At the current time I am somewhere on Earth talking to my brother. The design of where ever I'm at is alien. The space between me and him is a doorway. A woman in purple is wrapped seductively around him glaring at me. He is not pleased either. Presumably infected at the same time the contagion (which was still not understood) had progressed through him much faster than me. Where as I could still conceal what it had done to me Marcus's whole left face and much of his body was like a corpse in a way. Skin ripped away to reveal the muscle. There was no blood there. It was dry, the muscle and other organs darkened and tough. I pressed my hand against my forearm and outer thigh where the most of my flesh had done the same thing. Any sensation was dulled. My hand still unchanged felt that flesh. It was dry, reminded me of what I rope would feel like.

I can't remember what he was yelling. He was jealous of me and paranoid we were turning on him. But I remember thinking he was mad. Marcus hardly seemed like my brother anymore. The scene changes. I'm driving a car. A woman is with me, she is in her mid thirties. Had Reddish-brown hair. I'm driving some large military vehicle with just me and her. Some alien race is coming to Earth to kill its population. Enemy ground parties are already stretching the military thin to maintain control. I see in the sky to my left Earth's flagship dropping from the clouds so rapidly it looked like a crashed landing. Over the radio I hear they were making some important pick up. As they were "crashing" I had moved under a partially fallen structure to avoid getting hit by the purple beams of energy coming from the sky. They followed the flagship into the ground. One had came close to hitting. Some debris above fell but it wasn't bad. Like a video game I saw a HUD in my vision with an objective appear. It said to defend the ground perimeter. Which I knew meant enemy ground forces were going to try and take whatever was so valuable the ship in space had stopped firing.

The scene fades to months later as I'm driving towards the fight and shots are coming towards me. I'm seeing two human ships: Nuqrahdra and Sirus bound towards a refugee planet called Quieren. It literally exists for refugees of all races who lose their home in ever going galactic conflicts. Our ships are small in comparison to other ships there, newer too. But still beat up from the fight to survive what happened at Earth. They're our military vessles, but stripped of any combat effectiveness so that what remaining citizens of our world survived could live under protection of the galactic coalition. The flagship though is still out there somewhere plotting. I wan to be with them to fight but as one of only members of the council to survive I have little choice but to play the role of a leader and politician to try establish a place on this new planet. Things to be done are running through my mind as the transport I'm on is landing. What I see reminds me of a combination of Treasure Planet's port and Star Wars' Tatooine.

ps Earth's flagship was one of three military ships we had and even then the few others were nowhere near advanced enough to even think of taking on a fighter craft. Humanity was still catching up with the other races. The flagship was also rushed into service due to the imminent attack. It had no shields or weapons. The only competitive edge it had was despite it's size it was probably the most manuervable in the galaxy.

Also as to my condition at the end of the dream about turning into a corpse...I'm not sure. I remember being able to feel the wind though.

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