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Rainbowfox Ari 11-15-2019 09:02 AM

Holiday Avatars?
Yeah, yeah, I know. WOW, Ari's posting! ... >>

Sorry for being so absent, but I'm back now. XD

Anyway - what should I wear for the holidays? I have some ideas, but... I'd like to take a few of yours into consideration, too.

Right now, it's just me n' Strider hanging out. >>

littl3chocobo 11-15-2019 09:24 AM

some snow would be grand, maybe a lil' ice too?

Rainbowfox Ari 11-15-2019 09:43 AM

Snow and ice... hrm... not bad.
Warm clothing?

littl3chocobo 11-15-2019 09:45 AM

nah. nood.

Rainbowfox Ari 11-15-2019 09:55 AM

Well... Nood is not me, so. >>

littl3chocobo 11-15-2019 10:01 AM

then go bodyless!

Rainbowfox Ari 11-15-2019 10:17 AM

Might be worth a shot!

littl3chocobo 11-15-2019 10:18 AM

all weather no giblets? what could go wrong!

Rainbowfox Ari 11-15-2019 10:24 AM

Many, many things could go wrong. >>

littl3chocobo 11-15-2019 10:26 AM

then bring a shovel~ it'll be fine

Voidbarker 11-15-2019 12:29 PM

planning to do a vague cosplay of a skin idea i had for wilson.

king of winter. basically just combines triumphant and snowfallen skins.

Merskelly Metalien 11-15-2019 03:08 PM

:] I got some winter sweaters from last year! But, <:/ I also like the blanket with the tea cup. ^-^ Might start winter-ing after a couple weeks.

Voidbarker 11-15-2019 03:29 PM

i should probably do red green and white, but man, if black and gold ain't gorgeous...

Rainbowfox Ari 11-15-2019 05:24 PM

Black and gold is certainly a look.

Mekatra 11-15-2019 06:17 PM

Red and white being Christmas colors is purely an invention of Coca-Cola anyway. Black and Gold is more old world santa.

Coda 11-15-2019 06:37 PM

In addition to black and gold, brown and green (that is, earth tones) were also pretty traditional for the Father Christmas figure. White accents are pretty traditional too, as the color of snow and of fine fur. Red wasn't unheard of, especially with holly berries being associated with winter, but having it being the dominant color is, as Mekatra points out, pretty distinctly Coca-Cola.

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