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Rainbowfox Ari 11-11-2019 01:43 AM

November DI's Released!
Hello Trisphites!

It is monthlies time! <HELPMYCOMPUTERISBEING> THIS month, we have the lovely Autumn Reader. Do you have the urge to curl up and -ERROR- read a nice book? <DELETE> Then you'll love the way this item makes you feel! Snuggle up and get all warm and toasty, before you tackle that month that all writers both dread and delight in - November Novel Writer's <HELL> Month. Big Ideas will get you ready for the long haul, and throw in some style when you do it! Carry your books nicely, or stack your research materials. You are researching your novel, right? Right?! ...... <//DELETE USER: mdom>

... Anyway. Come enjoy our monthlies, and have a good time with whatever you choose. Warm up with Autumn Reader, or buckle down with Big Ideas. The decision is yours! Just head on down to Archaic Antiquities and make your choice!

Monthlies will switch out on December 10th, so make sure to grab your copies before they disappear!

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