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daikokunyo 02-24-2020 08:34 AM

languages and learning
how many languages do you know?

are you in the process of learning any languages? what made you interested in them? do you have learning tips?

i know english the most fluently, telugu moderately fluently. it's my mother tongue. i can understand hindi and speak broken hindi. that's the so-called 'national language'. i'm in the process of learning korean. i can read and write it, and i'm in the stage of learning basic grammar. i want to be able to read the korean webtoons that aren't translated, or aren't translated quickly enough for my impatient ass. also a lot of other media content in korean which is not translated but i'm interested in. i also really like how the language sounds.

if i had to tip (apart from specific resources) i think consuming stories, whether comics, webnovels, movies/dramas really helps. but it's most helpful if you're doing regular language learning alongside, and what you watch/read for fun supplements that.

Kitalpha Hart 02-24-2020 09:30 AM

Basically I only really know English
I kinda know ASL, but I haven't used it in so long I need refresher courses. And take it more seriously if I really want to learn it. It's been ten years since my last class
I want to learn Italian, family heritage reasons, and Japanese, many reasons you listed with Korean

Unfortunately I'm a terrible learner and haven't gotten much progress so no tips ._.

Stabbsworth 02-24-2020 12:56 PM

i know bits and pieces of french and spanish, enough for a small conversation or to tell someone that i don't speak the language.

three words of german, a few in japanese. some in latin.

my mother tongue is english, i'd like to learn some scottish gaelic.

Coda 02-24-2020 03:06 PM

My native language is English, but I took three years of college-level Japanese classes. When I was still in practice I was good enough to carry on a conversation as long as we were talking about things I had the vocabulary for, but I'm a little rusty now. I can still muddle through if I try, but I've lost a lot of vocabulary and a lot of speed. My grammar is still solid at least so if you give me a dictionary I can translate.

I can understand a decent amount of written Spanish, French, and German, but I can't speak or write any of them worth anything.

Korean would be interesting to learn but I'm not sure how useful that would be to me -- Japanese has been very useful, but I don't encounter all that much Korean in the wild.

daikokunyo 02-27-2020 03:18 AM

yeah, a big part of the languages i know is usefulness.

telugu, apart from talking to family, was needed when i was out and about in my home state. hindi was needed when i was out and about outside my state. english was needed because i had to go through english-medium education in school and college. and korean was needed because a lot of the things i consumed in my leisure are in korean.

i don't think i'd have the motivation to learn a language if i didn't have it clear in my head how useful it was going to be to me, specifically to my circumstances.

Merskelly Metalien 03-03-2020 02:59 PM

<x} In America, unless you're a part of a bilingual family culture, you are really only expected to know another language for academic purposes only. It's a sad "luxury" that most people have, only knowing English and nothing else, because it closes off a lot of the world beyond and negates the interaction of different languages in cultures. :/

I come from a Hispanic heritage and most of my dad's family speaks Spanish along with English, including my dad. My mom's family knows very little Spanish, as only my grandparents spoke it and their children, my mom and her siblings, never learned.

<x} As a baby, I spoke Spanish more than English, but then was taught more English with only some Spanish words staying in my vocabulary, so I never spoke Spanish or understood it later on. And the same went for most of my cousins on either side. <:/ I learned to understand it more, but I'm rusty and don't hold up a conversation as well as I did in a Spanish class.
It really takes actively speaking the language in order to truly know it. <x}

I tried learning Italian, but it's tough, since I know ZERO Italians. <xD And the reason I wanted to learn it was to connect with people who love Italian food, and cooking, and also because it sounds hella suave when you speak Italian. >x3

Kitalpha Hart 03-03-2020 08:15 PM

Italian is relatively similar to either french or spanish, can't remember which

Kaderin Triste 03-03-2020 09:41 PM

I really only know English. I took I think 4 or 5 years of Spanish in school, but can remember only minor words and phrases. Mostly because there's not really much/any ethnic diversity where I live so I never really needed to use it or knew anyone I could practice with so it all just slipped right out of my brain.
I'd love to learn another language, but unfortunately, it's kind of the same situation as with learning Spanish. I could learn it, but there's still not a lot of diversity where I live and I can't afford to travel, so I'd probably not use it a whole lot, no matter what language I learn.

I have tried using Duolingo to learn a few different languages, mainly Japanese, but I get bored with it too easily.

Kit: Italian definitely has similarities to Spanish. *nodnod*

Coda 03-03-2020 09:54 PM

Duolingo's Japanese course has... issues. My wife was going through it and I occasionally found myself correcting it.

Kitalpha Hart 03-04-2020 12:18 AM

I have five apps on my phone for learning Japanese
I've been too lazy to bother with any of them lol

Den 03-06-2020 06:37 AM

I need refresher courses for Spanish. I'm trying to find resources other than DuoLingo for learning the languages of my heritage (Various Gaelics, German, French, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish [Until it gets further refined into which area of Scandinavia my 1.8% of Scandi heritage comes from, I'mma try and learn all three languages]), and I want to also learn Russian and Japanese and Mandarin Chinese just because those seem like they'd be interesting to know. Wouldn't mind learning Portuguese either.

Espy 03-07-2020 03:24 PM

English... Chinese...

Chinese is an odd one. I can speak Mandarin almost as well as someone born and raised in Taiwan, but reading and writing Chinese is... a struggle. I’ve picked up a decent amount of conversational Taiwanese (Hokkien), so I can understand the basics of most conversations, but I can’t really join in. Cantonese I can understand a bit here and there; not any specific words, but rather the similarities in tone, inflection, and cognates to Mandarin and Taiwanese.

I’ve retained a bit of Spanish from my high school days, though listening is still a lot easier than speaking or writing bc conjugations hurt my brain.

Most Romance languages, I can get the general gist of in written form; same with most west Germanic languages. I think that’s mostly from exposure to music and song lyrics? North Germanic, though, I’m still working on.

Would be really cool if not entirely useful to learn Mongolian, but that would be pretty hard given the lack of live languages in that family.

Ava 03-11-2020 10:37 PM

Why did I not see this thread earlier ???

I grew up surrounded by Spanish.
My father tried to get me to learn, (he isn't fluent, though) so I was often listening to Spanish music, I had Spanish language PC games and I was often surrounded by Spanish-speaking family...

I loved learning Spanish as a kid, but as I got older, I realized that no one in my school spoke Spanish and I slowly, slowly got more and more ashamed and I tried to reject Spanish.

So I took up French in school, although I didn't really stick with it for too long.

I can understand some spoken French, but I'm much better at reading it.

Now that I've gotten over my hangups around Spanish, my aunt has been teaching me simple stuff. Like, how to ask for the bathroom, how much does ____ cost?, where can I find _____?

So I'm mostly familiar with English and French,
But I remember a few things in Spanish.

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