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Tiva 12-23-2018 12:30 AM

Festival Of Frost… Crashed? 2018
While the users are singing and celebrating the Winter Season with gifts and decorating; something rumbles from deep within the snow awakening from its slumber and hungry after its long sleep. No it isn't Death By Mirrors, it is Pengore and they are unhappy to be awoken. Crashing in through the trees it shakes the snow from its form and bellows that they are not amused by our activities and that they should destroy our little get together as pay back.

There is only one way though for us to continue, all users must sing and dance to the Chicken Dance at least once during the upcoming days to keep this demon appeased. The more users that dance the longer the festivities can last before they swipe their great claws and ends the festivities, and us along with it. Now more than a few snigger at the idea, surely this…. thing… could do no harm to everyone? As if to demonstrate their ferocity they roar and beat their fists on the ground "If you do not do as I ask then I will find out where you live, fill your house with angry watermelons and teach your dog how to use your social media but only post bad selfies." Icicles fall impaling themselves into the ground and thankfully not into any users!

Immediately all of the staff members jump into the Chicken Dance completing one song to satisfy the demon for the next 7 days! It is up to you, the users, to satisfy Pengore with their demands of song, dance, and whatever random silliness they desire to keep the event going. You can check in with Pengore's Demands to find out how soon the event will end. The more you do the longer it will go on!

As if one Beast to satisfy wasn't enough the dragon from the deep has awakened. It is once again time to Feed The Beast!

Death is also trying to keep the spirit of the season alive by decorating the tree but Pengore keeps shaking the earth and breaking ornaments. Those things are expensive so please try to help us get this decorated fast in Decorate the Tree.

Pengore is alarmed by festive wear, make him off balance by wearing your most daring Ugly Sweater Design. While you are at it go ahead and open up your gifts in Present Guessing.

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