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Gallagher 10-06-2019 08:52 PM

October DIs Released!
Hello, Trisphites!

It's Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly time!

We welcome you here to spooky hours, when ghosts and ghouls start to run wild! Or, as wild as floaty ghosts and stumbling ghouls can run. Here's our tips for surviving this ooky-spooky time of year: First, listen well for breathing in the night, for you might have a Gaping Maw on your tail. Try not to taste too delicious. And, keep a well-loved pumpkin around, for if you should meet the Keeper of The Gourd, only a gift may sway their ire.

If all else fails, you can try disguising yourself to blend in with all of the horrors, and we're here to supply everything you need! Pick this month's items up in Archaic Antiquities while supplies last!

You can find the monthlies in for the usual price of 20 Runes each. They'll stay available until November 6th, so be sure to pick yours up while they last!

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