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KittyBeary 02-14-2020 10:54 AM

Kitty's Migrating Nook! Er... library?
Yeah idk event hangout thread that's kinda like my normal one cept... event. :V

I should start reading again :c

Kaderin Triste 02-14-2020 11:34 AM

I should also start reading again...

Anurah Loveheart 02-14-2020 12:38 PM

I dont know if its because early but... >< I dont understand what to do at the best story ever.

Kaderin Triste 02-14-2020 12:40 PM

Yeah, that one seems confusing to me too.

Anurah Loveheart 02-14-2020 12:41 PM

@_@ I feel like a newb.

Derpy McBlueEyes 02-14-2020 12:44 PM

"Happy vawentine's day!" Derpy exclaims, waddling in at full speed and hugging the nearest person's ankle.

Stabbsworth 02-14-2020 12:47 PM

good thing i got wilson in some valentine's gear.

though, i could reasonably do roseate stuff.

Anurah Loveheart 02-14-2020 12:59 PM

I wanna look all valentiney! .3.

Derpy McBlueEyes 02-14-2020 01:02 PM

"Me too! ....but none of the cwothes here fit..."
Derpy pouts.

Stabbsworth 02-14-2020 01:05 PM

wiggles quietly.

Anurah Loveheart 02-14-2020 02:05 PM

Made A succubi. .3. -flops in- ... -whispers-.. grace..

Witchchylde 02-14-2020 04:30 PM


Also, I think once enough users have made requests so that the categories are filled, we can all write stories based on prompts suggested by the reveals, or at least a story pitch, like the one about Garfield and Grumpy Cat.

trystan830 02-14-2020 06:48 PM


i mean..... hi!

did y'all know there's a reading challenge thread here on Tris? i'm reading book #12 for this year so far. :)

also, i LOVE the event currency!

Death by Mirrors 02-14-2020 07:20 PM

@Anurah Loveheart
@Kaderin Triste

You're probably thinking too complicated. It's just a quick-and-easy match game. Somewhat close to Memory, except you need to find four "matching cards" and can only reveal one at a time (but since you're not looking for actual pairs, only categories, it shouldn't take a dozen tries either)

Tam I am 02-14-2020 08:35 PM

I wonder how many books I would have read, if I'd counted them. Do you think rereads would count? Does it really count if you have no real life outside the house and books are an everyday refreshment?

Weird: Off with their heads!

Um. Please disregard my avatar. She thinks she's the queen of hearts.

Stabbsworth 02-14-2020 08:37 PM

books! aka: everyone kins twilight sparkle for the remainder of the event.

KittyBeary 02-14-2020 09:15 PM


Originally Posted by Anurah Loveheart (Post 1935015)
I dont know if its because early but... >< I dont understand what to do at the best story ever.

I'm also confused ^^ But ah well

trystan830 02-14-2020 09:18 PM


Originally Posted by Tam I am (Post 1935128)
I wonder how many books I would have read, if I'd counted them. Do you think rereads would count?

lots? and yes, rereads count! :)

Anurah Loveheart 02-14-2020 09:53 PM

owo ohhhh. I wish i could read super fast so i could fit all the books i wanna read into one life time.

Witchchylde 02-14-2020 10:30 PM

Maybe listen to audio books at the same time as you read printed books?

trystan830 02-14-2020 10:47 PM

i don't normally read that fast - 5 of those books were the Hitchhiker's Trilogy, and they were quick reads. i've slowed down my reading since i started crocheting... XD

Derpy McBlueEyes 02-15-2020 02:02 AM

Derpy takes a seat in the middle of the floor and holds out a book. "Wead me a story?" He asks, waving it slightly.

Stabbsworth 02-15-2020 11:24 AM

currently: wishing that i could fucking read books without losing focus.

Derpy McBlueEyes 02-15-2020 11:40 AM

Derpy waddles over, pats Void's ankle gently and sits down with his book. "I'm weading you a stowy." He opens the book, frowns at it, then looks up. "How do I wead?"

trystan830 02-15-2020 01:37 PM

ok, Derpy, what book are we reading? *looks at book title: Where the Wild Things Are.* oh this looks like fun!

Death by Mirrors 02-15-2020 05:55 PM

*sits down and listens*
I have heard the title before, but I don't actually know this story.

Derpy McBlueEyes 02-15-2020 06:12 PM

Derpy listens intently to the story, in awe. When it is finished, he claps excitedly. "Again, again!" he cries, holding up another book.

KittyBeary 02-15-2020 10:04 PM

I haven't read that book in a looong time XD

Merskelly Metalien 02-15-2020 10:17 PM

*pops in*
You know what book I haven't read in a long time? /:D
>8D Behold!
*slaps book childhood nostalgia onto table*

Tam I am 02-15-2020 11:18 PM

Currently started rereading 'Mansfield Park'. I wish I had an edition with the pictures in it. Just finished rereading 'Mungo Bean' which is an indi mini comic series about a little pig who does the Indiana Jones.

Stinky cheese! I've never read the story of the wild things, but I watched the movie.


Originally Posted by trystan830 (Post 1935150)
lots? and yes, rereads count! :)

Oh good. Then I've probably read the most books here. (wasn't joking about the no life)

Derpy McBlueEyes 02-15-2020 11:22 PM


Originally Posted by Merskelly Metalien (Post 1935313)
*pops in*
You know what book I haven't read in a long time? /:D
>8D Behold!
*slaps book childhood nostalgia onto table*

Derpy sets down his book, waddles over, and grabs this one, holding it up. "Yeah, this one! Wead me this book!"

Merskelly Metalien 02-16-2020 12:15 AM

<x] I would love to Derpy!
They're all very silly!
*reads da book to Derpy*

Biomecha 02-16-2020 01:40 AM

Shel Silverstein and the Edward Gorey pop-up book, that I regret not holding onto, are my nostalgia books. Someone actually made a video of the pop-up features.

Quiet Man Cometh 02-16-2020 03:17 AM

I still buy kids books and claim it's for the library I haven't built yet, for posterity, for my nephews, or general story time.

I got into reading again just by getting myself to read one book a month for one year. I find how fast I read a book depends on how absorbed I am in it. Also, what the writing is like.

Death by Mirrors 02-16-2020 07:10 AM

Shh. My prom date was a stack of books. In a fancy dress.

littl3chocobo 02-16-2020 08:32 AM

hopefully you didnt go home afterwards and get handsy with them XD

Death by Mirrors 02-16-2020 09:00 AM

I touched them on all inappropriate pages. I even read between the lines.
Er, I mean - nothing questionable happened. At all.

Merskelly Metalien 02-16-2020 07:09 PM

Iiiiiis this going to have to have an [M] slapped up? -_-;

KittyBeary 02-16-2020 10:11 PM

D: There is no M in the title keep this civil!!

Derpy McBlueEyes 02-16-2020 10:14 PM

"Be nice to dose books!" Derpy says, doing his best to give a stern look.

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