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It's over 9000!

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  1. 's Avatar
    11-21-2021 10:16 PM
    Tam I am
    She is. *nod nod*
  2. 's Avatar
    11-21-2021 02:30 AM
    Tam I am
    She likes to try and make people happy. This is the most attention she's ever asked me for, and the maddest she's ever heard me.
  3. 's Avatar
    11-19-2021 09:51 PM
    Tam I am
    I wound up petting a dog today. There's a little chug that lives in this building, she's black brindle and looks mostly like a pug, but is much calmer. She's a little nurse dog, who wants to take care of people. I was having an angry rant about all the pushy propaganda about vaccination, and she comes over and goes, "You need a dog. Gimme pets."
  4. 's Avatar
    11-18-2021 09:13 PM
    Tam I am
    Maybe he'd fall in love with Lent for President instead.
  5. 's Avatar
    11-16-2021 07:20 PM
    Tam I am
    LMBO XD And Ryza going o.o?
  6. 's Avatar
    11-14-2021 10:10 PM
    Tam I am
    XDXD Tell tiny dogge that the baddies from the other worlds are disrespecting him. Watch them fall before his wrath!
  7. 's Avatar
    11-14-2021 12:38 PM
    Tam I am
    LOL! But if they didn't, and Fi didn't need magic food, would tiny dogge be swapped? I think Ryza would love tiny dogge. (I know I'm weird. I'm trying to make you laugh)
  8. 's Avatar
    11-11-2021 10:11 PM
    Tam I am
    LMBO! Gonna GIT you if you tryyyyyyyyyy.

    Would you trade him for Fi?
  9. 's Avatar
    11-01-2021 09:41 PM
    Tam I am
    XD He is cute, but I would classify his expression in picture in the range of "cute, but psycho" (not an insult! It was a common phrase a few years ago)
  10. 's Avatar
    09-23-2021 08:57 PM
    There are video games on here?


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