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Conversation Between EverAshwood and mdom
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  1. 's Avatar
    03-09-2018 03:21 PM
    LOL I actually had to look to see what you were talking about... >_>;
    The Aspiring Wizard, I guess?
  2. 's Avatar
    03-09-2018 03:01 PM
    which march item do you want sis
  3. 's Avatar
    03-01-2018 01:16 PM
    bby u look so sexy
  4. 's Avatar
    02-09-2018 12:39 PM
    you're welcome!!
  5. 's Avatar
    02-09-2018 11:09 AM
    *cries* thank you ;-;
  6. 's Avatar
    02-09-2018 09:33 AM
    I mean, I could pull a you and be like "ALL THE COLORS" lmao
    But I updated the thread with colors
    I didn't have them.initially because it was for my own reference; didn't expect people to look at it lol
  7. 's Avatar
    02-08-2018 10:25 PM
    in your quest thread for items gurl
    what colors do you want xD
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