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Conversation Between mdom and Biomecha
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  1. 's Avatar
    05-16-2018 02:01 AM
    thank youuuuuuuu
    also gurl that's a lot of berries
  2. 's Avatar
    05-15-2018 08:52 PM
    I have more berries if you need them. I was just going to see if anyone else needed any. Or if those are too much, it's totally fine to give them out.
  3. 's Avatar
    05-10-2018 10:07 PM
    You're welcome
    for me being awesome
  4. 's Avatar
    05-10-2018 10:06 PM
    Thank you, again, for the items. And being awesome.
  5. 's Avatar
    04-26-2018 08:56 PM
    Since someone was selling expensive copper, all of a sudden my cheap copper was appealing, so now it's been selling quickly and I'm getting levels.
  6. 's Avatar
    04-14-2018 05:31 PM
    -eats arm-

    thank you.
  7. 's Avatar
    04-13-2018 11:41 PM
    Sending an awkward fuzzy one armed bear hug your way from the DA thread. The stuffing is absorbent if you need any.
  8. 's Avatar
    04-12-2018 06:00 PM
    It's a trade where the person doesn't have to uhh revise
    I send my item, choose the amount of aurum i'm getting from you, you say ok and it's done
  9. 's Avatar
    04-12-2018 05:58 PM
    Just a small thanks.

    Cash on delivery in trades....does that mean that the person you're sending to doesn't get anything until after you finalize the trade once they send their items?
  10. 's Avatar
    04-12-2018 05:53 PM
    I accepted now, but don't think you'll be doing that many more times!!!
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