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Conversation Between littl3chocobo and Ava
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    06-24-2020 05:58 PM
    +picks the biggest of noses+ s'up?
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    05-30-2020 02:56 PM
  3. 's Avatar
    05-30-2020 01:41 PM
    Aw! Thanks, Chocobo. <3
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    05-30-2020 04:47 AM
    yeeep<3 you should enjoy it~
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    05-29-2020 05:37 PM
    Ohh! Chocobo, you sent me a trade? :o
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    05-12-2020 08:11 PM
    yeah, that happens here too but also there is a lot of stuff where people don't get told anything and press for more freedom to be risky and dangerous
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    05-11-2020 11:04 PM
    It's definitely a sad world. Feels like so many people only give a shit about themselves...
    They don't realize (or don't care, ig) that their actions affect many other people. It's so frustrating also that these precautions that the government (at least here in CA or at the very very least, here in LA) aren't being enforced. People just get a slap on the wrist, then when the cops leave, they come back and do the same exact shit they had their wrist slapped for...

    It's frustrating as hell. >:T

    I hope you've been staying safe :(
  8. 's Avatar
    04-30-2020 06:56 PM
    i can understand that feeling. i am high-risk too. i am prone to repretory problems and am constantly ill, it's pretty aweful that the worst thing ou can do is to trust others will have respect for your body but when you are of poor health that is just what happens x____x
  9. 's Avatar
    04-30-2020 05:38 PM
    It's clearly obvious that what they are doing is not okay... There are loads of signs and tape that is supposed to be blocking off those areas to the public... but it seems like there are quite a few people who don't care. They just hop the fence, or cut the tape.
    We even started having police cars monitoring some of these areas... The governor has told us several times to stay inside as often as you can. Walking outside is fine, but beaches are closed, parks with playgrounds are closed, etc.. and it seems like people just don't care. They have this, "oh, it won't have any effect on me" kind of attitude... they don't realize the safety precautions are not for THEM but for those who are high risk.

    I'm actually high risk because my medication affects my white blood cell count, making me high risk for viruses and infections and such...

    It really really grinds my gears how some people are so flippantly ignorant. >:T
  10. 's Avatar
    04-30-2020 05:29 PM
    if you are told it is ok and that it's not a big deal from someone you trust then you will do reckless things. a lot of people don't really understand or care that they are dangerous to others so even in a situation like those those people will live their lives trying to keep themselves comfortable for as long as they can get away with it
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