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Conversation Between Gallagher and littl3chocobo
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  1. 's Avatar
    12-25-2015 01:31 AM
    crane game, want me to grant them to you?
  2. 's Avatar
    12-25-2015 01:03 AM
    where are the skies?
  3. 's Avatar
    12-20-2015 01:05 AM
    two stripes up my arm, i have not had hives before i just get blotchy and a tad itchy XD i was freaking out and had to get angie involved, doing better now, i complained heavily then said my piece on the other convos
  4. 's Avatar
    12-20-2015 12:48 AM
    ick, hives are awful. i had a bad rash like a week ago under my arm.
  5. 's Avatar
    12-20-2015 12:47 AM
    hahaha, possibly XD or at the very least when i get to whining

    also that gal gave me hives XD literally, hahaha
  6. 's Avatar
    12-20-2015 12:21 AM
    soooo all the guesses from now on? xD
  7. 's Avatar
    12-20-2015 12:20 AM
    so my next guess, if i get another, should go to the person below me XD
  8. 's Avatar
    12-19-2015 11:13 PM
    oh jeez
  9. 's Avatar
    12-19-2015 11:05 PM
    haha, i would rather have a potty problem
  10. 's Avatar
    12-19-2015 11:04 PM
    at least it is not a potty problem?
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