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Conversation Between Glitch and Obsidian
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  1. 's Avatar
    06-21-2022 01:16 PM
    Still missing you so much, Glitch. Your husband shares so many pictures of the kids on his Facebook and they're getting so big!
  2. 's Avatar
    09-29-2020 05:17 AM
    I keep coming back to here and your Facebook in hopes it's all been one bad dream. I still cannot believe you are gone and I miss you like crazy.
  3. 's Avatar
    10-05-2017 10:01 PM
    Duuuude! >->
    I want it already, lol
  4. 's Avatar
    10-05-2017 01:06 AM
    bella has cow skin pattern and tail and all the parts tho D:
  5. 's Avatar
    10-04-2017 11:59 PM
    Awes, well thank you! <3
    Now to try to sweet talk *cough*you*cough* an artist into making a cow avatar. Not just a cow article of clothing. >->
  6. 's Avatar
    10-03-2017 08:46 PM
    nothin ^^ they were just event stuff so I have more!
  7. 's Avatar
    10-03-2017 08:15 PM
    COWS! Thanks! <3 What would you like in return? I haven't much.
  8. 's Avatar
    10-02-2017 05:13 PM
    Yup! I wish I had more cow things, lol.
    I LOVE COWS! @-@
  9. 's Avatar
    10-01-2017 11:22 PM
    magic cow :O
  10. 's Avatar
    11-24-2016 10:22 PM
    Hah, yeah, I ended up taking a shower, did some more pixeling on that elephant suit then went to sleep.
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