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Conversation Between Kaderin Triste and Glitch
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  1. 's Avatar
    08-13-2018 09:55 AM
    Kaderin Triste
    Lol, it's adorable. <3
  2. 's Avatar
    08-13-2018 01:45 AM
    The giant dragon pLush was a compromise on the various different giant derpy requests I’ve seen discussed!
  3. 's Avatar
    07-17-2018 12:54 AM
    oh my gosh i kept trying to rub the smudge off my screen and then was like oh man what if an item got goofed xD
  4. 's Avatar
    07-17-2018 12:21 AM
    Kaderin Triste
    I wondered if anyone would notice! It's Marcus's Scar.
  5. 's Avatar
    07-17-2018 12:13 AM
    kaderin! there is a smudgey on your kitty face. What is causing it?!
  6. 's Avatar
    11-26-2017 03:45 AM
    super cool avi
  7. 's Avatar
    10-24-2017 02:18 PM
    Kaderin Triste
    Lol. I completely forgot about those. Thank you!
  8. 's Avatar
    10-24-2017 02:12 PM
    just so oyu know you have 140 screams coming your way from the maze ^_^
  9. 's Avatar
    08-08-2017 07:42 PM
    Kaderin Triste
    Totally did and I am using it forever!
  10. 's Avatar
    08-08-2017 07:40 PM
    i see you got your dragon
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