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Conversation Between XoGizmooX and mdom
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  1. 's Avatar
    09-22-2019 02:17 PM
    gizzieeee the september contest
  2. 's Avatar
    08-30-2019 08:32 PM
    that's so cool xD
  3. 's Avatar
    08-30-2019 06:54 PM
  4. 's Avatar
    11-06-2018 12:06 AM
    pls choose another bundle as a fishing prize
  5. 's Avatar
    11-02-2018 09:44 AM
    Yeah I caught it like at 11pm of the midnight poof I got like 2 items >.< I came to find you here but you wasn't online that event was bull >.<
  6. 's Avatar
    11-01-2018 02:50 PM
    AAHHHH windlyn event lasting for like... a day
  7. 's Avatar
    10-30-2018 01:51 PM
    Any is fine I have none yet
  8. 's Avatar
    10-29-2018 11:40 PM
    which bundle from the shop do you want?
  9. 's Avatar
    08-07-2018 06:53 PM
    oooh it's something old then |D
  10. 's Avatar
    08-07-2018 02:50 PM
    Its under donation tab aint sure when it came out I bought it from someone but its listed in frount of the clomus?? Crud I forgot name the owlish bird face one
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