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Conversation Between trystan830 and Panda
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  1. 's Avatar
    09-19-2019 01:05 PM
    Thank you so much!
  2. 's Avatar
    09-19-2019 12:57 PM
    Tart Cherry Tanktop
    Silk Eggplant Boxers
    Tart Heart Pasties
    Classy Duotone Heart Pasties
    Thrifty Cross Pasties
    Modest Cross Pasties
    Sorrowful Smiley Pasties
    Wrathful Smiley Pasties
  3. 's Avatar
    09-11-2019 12:39 AM
  4. 's Avatar
    08-18-2019 11:02 AM
    thanks for the goodies!! :)
  5. 's Avatar
    08-25-2018 02:27 PM
    hey there! so after counting by 1000s, 100s, and 10s, we got up to a million on the "count to 1,000,000" thread!!

    we were wondering if you'd be able to change the first post to reflect that we're counting by 10s from now on? thanks! =)
  6. 's Avatar
    04-13-2018 08:51 PM
  7. 's Avatar
    04-13-2018 12:32 PM
    Oh yeah :p
  8. 's Avatar
    04-13-2018 10:21 AM
    because Triste and Trystan kinda look similar?
  9. 's Avatar
    04-13-2018 01:04 AM
    I still don't understand why I keep thinking you are Kaderin Triste and vice versa. I know you guys have completely different username, but my brain programmed to think you guys are the same person T.T
  10. 's Avatar
    02-18-2018 11:46 AM
    aw, thanks Panda.

    i have no idea what you recruited me for, but.....
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