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Conversation Between Kam Tenria and Silverbleed
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  1. 's Avatar
    08-12-2009 10:33 AM
    Kam Tenria
    I know what you mean. I am sorry that you have been so busy sweety. I wish there was some way I could help you.
  2. 's Avatar
    08-12-2009 07:59 AM
    Even more busy than I expected. It consumes even more time and energy than school does. I'm honestly glad when I can go back to school; I want my free time back T__T
  3. 's Avatar
    08-11-2009 08:50 PM
    Kam Tenria
    What have you been up to recently? Has work been keeping you busy enough?
  4. 's Avatar
    08-08-2009 10:26 AM
    I'm good
  5. 's Avatar
    08-04-2009 06:05 AM
    Kam Tenria
    Hello Tessy how are you today?
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